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Portable High Pressure Washing Water Nozzle (Brass)

Portable High Pressure Washing Water Nozzle (Brass)

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Cleaning your car with a regular hose might not be enough, especially when trying to remove tough mud, grease, dust, and stains. That's where a high-pressure water gun comes in handy! It's really powerful and can even cut a whole watermelon in half!

This water gun has three different spray patterns for cleaning and watering tasks. It uses a universal ¼” quick connector to fit different nozzle types. The large battery can be recharged and used for a long time. And since it's cordless, you can use it easily anywhere, whether it's in the garage or outside.

Powerful Pressure Washer

Powerful Pressure Washer

This incredible pressure washer gun is super strong, with a working pressure of 90 bar, a motor power of 2000W, and a fast speed of 12000rpm. It can shoot water far away and easily clean dirt that has been stuck for a whole year. Just be careful not to spray it on people because the high pressure could hurt them.


Compatible to All

This car pressure washer is easy to use with different attachments like spray nozzles, gutter cleaner, surface cleaner, undercarriage cleaner, and pressure washer sandblasting kit. The best part is, you don't need a garden hose to get water from the pool or bucket!

Multi-purpose Nozzle

This car wash sprayer is designed to suit all your needs. It has 3 different spray patterns, so you can select the right pressure and save water too. It's perfect for gardening, watering plants, cleaning patios, cars, garages, fences, and more!

Convenient to Use

This powerful washer is so light that you can hold it with just one hand. It doesn't need a cord because it runs on rechargeable batteries, making it great for outdoor use. You can take it anywhere and clean every corner of your house and outdoor areas with ease.


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