How to Dress trendy with ethnic semi casual

How to Dress trendy with ethnic semi casual

They say there’s nothing pretty clothes can’t fix which includes fixing your mood before you drag yourself to figure. Planning your wardrobe for the work week forehand helps you to reject all the boring clothes beforehand so, you don’t waste any of your precious time within the morning. So, we’re going to prevent some more of it slow and energy as we’ve hand-picked semi-casual to casual ethnic wear clothes that you simply can wear through the week counting on your mood. We’ve even picked accessories that you simply can pair with them.

  • Awe-inspiring Monday


Instead of dreading Monday blues, wear something you like the foremost. Your absolute favorite among all of your clothes and you’ll be over happy to urge figuring to point out it off. And what color better than Light Blues.

  • Pair them with these dainty and delightful earrings.

  • Trendy Tuesday

And when you’ve already lived through the fear of Monday, you'll be able to come wearing something a touch for more subtle for Tuesday with this Orange Chanderi suit.


  • And a pair of Drop Earrings to feature a tinkle to your day.

  • Saree Wednesday

Now that you’ve bound up a bigger chunk of labor, you'll be able to focus a touch more on dressing up and wear a crisp brown saree.



  • Elevate the full look with a Fancy Clutch.



  • Casual Thursday

Getting closer to the weekend implies absolute comfy casuals. This mustard Chinese collar Kurti makes quite the statement when accessorized with the correct earrings.


  • Fun Friday

…and you made it! Enter the weekend in cool casuals with this gorgeous pink checkered Maxi dress

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