5 ECO Products Helping You Go While a Zero Waste

5 ECO Products Helping You Go While a Zero Waste


lifestyle may sound intimidating, there are many simple switches you can make to help lessen your daily waste. All of these products I have listed below are reasonably priced & made sustainable… but of course, you may already have things in your home you can use. I believe the first step to being more conscious about your waste is using what you have. However, I do understand how some new products can make the journey easier (or at least, more exciting). Enjoy!

1. Eco travel kit-
If you are wanting to tackle a bunch of waste issues you may have, I suggest trying this kit out first. This is pretty much everything you need for on-the-go zero waste! It was created by mother, conservationist and sustainability consultant, Tara Dodson. This kit comes with a Grocery Tote, Reusable Grocery Bag, Sunscreen, Toothpaste, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Glass Straw and Cleansing Brush, Bamboo Utensils and your choice of Travel Size Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. Compostable phone case-
Billions of cell phones are sold every year to consumers, and I would say most of these phones are held in some type of protection case.

3. Non-Toxic Laundry Bundle-
Even our laundry can give us a lot of waste, and don’t get me started on all the micro plastics ended up back in our waterways because of all the synthetics we wear.

4. Refillable skincare -
They say we individually go through about 24 plastic bottles a year in our skincare routine - that’s 1,400 in a lifetime! Even if bottles are recyclable, there’s a high chance it won’t ever be recycled. When you need a refill of your Au Natural, they send it to in a biodegradable plant-based bag to help avoid sending more bottles to the landfill. How amazing is that?!

5. Bamboo toothbrush-
The easiest sustainable switch you can make - brushing with bamboo! Since it is recommended to change your toothbrush every three months, why not use one that won't end up sitting in a landfill 'forever'? After three months, throw it in your compost bin and feel good about your clean smile. This brand even has a great subscription service so you don’t need any reminders to change it out!

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